CheekyCat BroWOW Brow Soap Set

CheekyCat BroWOW Brow Soap Set

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Those purr-fect brows are so cheeky! We want our cheeky girls to be able to groom those brows. It has an instantly thickening effect with extra hold to give you those beautiful cheeky brows all day long! These give a naturally thicker, full-brow look than synthetic brow gels. Just what every cheeky girl needs to get those purr-fect brows!

 🌼What you get:

One (1) CheekyCat Clear BroWOW Browsoap 5g, One (1) Spoolie, One (1) Spoolie Case, and One (1) Brow Mist 5mL

✅FDA Approved
🐰 Cruelty-Free
🌼100% organic
🧼Clean and safe
💎High Quality
👩‍🔬Professionally made
🇵🇭Locally Made
⛑Safe for children and pregnant women