CheekyCat Eyes On Me Multi-Purpose Shimmer

CheekyCat Eyes On Me Multi-Purpose Shimmer

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A cheeky boost of complexion for all our girls. We want our girls to highlight their complexion in different ways so they can find their unique cheekiness! You can use it in these four different easy ways and find what's best for you.

-Use alone
Use the wand and apply directly onto skin and just blend with your fingers to give you a fresh glossy look!

-Foundation mix
Mix the highlighter with foundation and apply for a fresh all over glow!

-Underneath foundation
Apply it onto skin and blend then finish it off with foundation on top!

-On top of foundation
Apply foundation first and then tap in the highlighter using your fingers on high points of the face to illuminate them.

We want our girls to find and show their cheeky glow and express their unique self and beauty!

Available Shades:
-Jammed (metallic pink)
-Toasted (metallic brown)

Distilled Water
Vegetable Glycerin
Aloe Vera Extract
Xanthan Gum
Flavor Oil
Castor Oil
Mica Pigment

What you get: One (1) CheekyCat be-Dazzled multi-purpose shimmer 2ml

✅FDA Approved
🐰 Cruelty-Free
🌼100% organic
🧼Clean and safe
💎High Quality
👩‍🔬Professionally made
🇵🇭Locally Made
⛑Safe for children and pregnant women